March 11, 2022

March 2022 Info Day & EV Display

It’s one thing reading about getting solar and electrifying transport. It’s another thing to see some of the options on offer and meet people who are electrifying their homes and transport.

On March 5 we held our March quarter Net Zero Info Day and EV Display and Q&A, with Mosman Council, to bring low carbon solutions to life!

This quarter our electric vehicle display was all about two wheels. Electric bikes, scooters and motorbikes are a great, low cost, way in to the world of electric transport. They are also great fun! Come along and try one out. We had an E-cargo bike and a easy to ride E-bike for test rides. We also had a Hyundai Ioniq sedan and a Tesla Model 3 sedan for you to compare two electric sedans.

Many people enjoyed saying hello and asking questions at the Net Zero Info Stall. This quarter we focused on harnessing the sun – we’re providing our guides and answering your questions about solar, switching to a renewable energy company, switching to super that supports renewable energy and more.

Come and say hello to Louise, Marieken, Michael, Douglas, Fay, Kate and the team, enjoy the markets, check out the EV Display, get a great coffee and take climate action, all in one! Contact Marieken and Louise if you would like to join us.

Thank you Mosman Council and Councillors for your ongoing support.

If you have an electric bike, motorbike or car, bring it along next time! We love to meet EV owners, and if you are willing to show your electric car or bike, we’ll reserve a space for you. Contact Ursula to find out more, and come join Ursula Alan, Milo, James, Michelle and West at our next display.

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