Zero Emissions Homes

Be a hero at home

Australia is one of the highest per capita energy users in the world, but you don’t have to be. A few changes at home can save so much energy and money!

Get involved: We give net zero info sessions and hold net zero info days to reduce your bills and emissions and help us all do our part.
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Contact our Zero Emissions Homes program leader Ursula or Info Day team leaders Marieken and Louise to volunteer with us or host an event.


Join the renewable energy revolution

Switch to a renewable energy company

Running your house on 100% renewable energy is as easy as switching to a renewable energy electricity company. It only takes a minute and, in most cases, your bill will be the same or lower.

Install rooftop solar

Install rooftop solar and start generating your own power. ​Solar has an ROI of 15% to 25% per year. That’s your entire investment back within as little as four years, and another 20+ years of returns and lower bills.


Chart your path to net zero

Chart your path to net zero and electrify your home and transport with our Net Zero Guide.

Electrify your home

Hot water heat pump

Around 25% of your energy bill goes on heating water. If you’re using coal-fired-electricity or gas, that’s a lot of fossil fuels. Replace your old system with a hot water heat pump and cut your hot water bill in half.



Cool pools

If you’ve got a swimming pool, you’ve got a pool pump using electricity. Buying a variable speed pump, or adding a pool pump controller to your single speed pump, will cut your pump power bill by up to 75%. It will also make less noise, work better and last longer – here’s how. 

Heating & cooling

Keeping your home not too hot and not too cold can be expensive. Installing a reverse-cycle split-system air conditioner is the most energy efficient solution, and if you run it on 100% renewable energy, it’s emissions free! 

Make it count

Help your household reach net zero

Ready to cut your power bills and emissions? With a few small behaviour changes you can make a big difference. We’ve researched what works.

Help our community reach net zero

Let’s do this together!  Warringah Roadmap to Zero invites you to join other households who want to be part of the solution.  


Help Australian reach net zero

The ABC Science Carbon Counter has many ideas for simple ways to reduce CO2 and it shows your impact. Make your pledge and join over 10,000 Australians pitching in nationally.

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