About us

Welcome! We’re a not-for-profit volunteer association in the Northern Beaches and North Shore helping homes, businesses and schools to get solar, electrify and reach net zero. We’re part of Beyond Zero Emissions‘ national zero carbon community network. We focus on practical projects that accelerate our transition to net zero emissions.


To create a sustainable community for current and future generations.


To develop new programs and champion existing initiatives to help our community and homes, businesses and schools get solar, electrify and rapidly transition to net zero emissions.

Our activities

We create high-quality resources and programs to help homes, businesses and schools rapidly reach net zero. We provide online and in person education sessions, displays and events to promote climate solutions. We advocate for, implement and support practical projects. We draw on the diverse strengths of our community and ensure best outcomes by collaborating with business, not-for-profits and all levels of government. We welcome collaborations!

Sunny and Share

Our activities are funded by volunteer donations and grants. As a thank you, our Solar My House partner and our electricity retailer of choice contribute to support our work and or Community Giving Fund. The Fund is used to install solar systems for local charities and not-for-profits. Lowering their power bills frees up funds for their core programs. We’ve installed solar on one local charity, with our second project soon.

In the media

We thank ABC and local media for their support:

  • ABC radio Weekend mornings 19 June 2022
    Ursula Hogben ZESN and Brent Clark Wattblock discuss solar for homes, strata, businesses and schools.
    Listen to the interview here
  • Radio Northern Beaches
    Narween Otto and Ursula Hogben discuss ZESN’s online resources and live events to help households, businesses and schools switch to renewables, including ZESN’s award campaign ‘Our Big Switch-100 local heroes for zero‘.
    Listen to the interview here
  • North Shore Living – January 2022 edition, page 11
    How ZESN is helping North Shore homes and businesses reach next zero.
    Read the article here
  • North Shore Living – June 2022 edition, page 27
    ZESN’s Our Big Switch campaign for a low carbon future.
    Read the article here

Grants and Awards

We thank Federal and local Government for this support:

  1. Warringah Federal Community Volunteer Grant 22/23: Net Zero training and materials to expand our net zero volunteer team and impact, to accelerate Warringah’s transition to net zero
  2. Mosman Council Community Grant 22/23: Zero Emissions Schools Network Mosman for 2023.
  3. Federal Community Volunteer Grant 21/22: Our Big Switch campaign helping 100 homes, schools and businesses go low carbon.
  4. Mosman Council Community Grant 21/22: Zero Emissions Schools Network Mosman for 2022.
  5. Northern Beaches Council Sustainability Award 2021: For our online resource centre and events helping Northern Beaches homes and businesses.
  6. Mosman Rotary Living for Climate Champion Award 2021: Ursula Hogben, ZESN Co-Founder.
  7. Mosman Council Community Grant 20/21: Sustainable Mosman program helping Mosman LGA residents get solar and go low carbon including videos, case studies and Net Zero Guide provided to all residents.

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