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Find out how your apartment block can participate in Australia’s clean energy revolution

Millions of house owners enjoy the benefits of solar, now apartment residents can too!

Get involved: We give Solar My Strata info sessions and we hold Solar info days to help strata residents get solar. We welcome volunteers and we collaborate with groups, businesses and all levels of Government, please contact us if you’d like to volunteer at or host a Solar My Strata event.

Sharing solarAllume, an Australian company, has developed patented electricity distribution technology called SolShare. SolShare shares solar electricity between residents in multi-metered buildings, delivering cheap, clean power without the need to alter standard metering infrastructure. According to Allume, apartment residents enjoy an average of 40% savings on their electricity bills with paybacks of around five years. SolShare can also incorporate a shared battery system.

How does SolShare work?

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Two case studies

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Next steps


  1. Share the guide and case studies above with your neighbours. Check out further Wattblock case studies here.
  2. Determine the common property’s electricity usage. Now is a good time to seek common property energy savings. Wattblock provides energy efficiency reports as well as solar & battery feasibility studies for owners corporations.
  3. Collect electricity bills from a range of apartments to gauge consumption.


  1. Determine available roof space and structural capacity.
  2. As a guide, allocate each one or two-bedroom apartment ten square metres of roof space (five 350w panels) and each three-bedroom apartment fourteen square metres (seven 350w panels). That said, as we electrify our households and as solar is such great value, it’s best to use all available roof space. If your block has insufficient roof space, solar can always be installed to service just the common property. This would not require SolShare. See Solar My House and Solar My Business for more information.


  1. Obtain quotes from Energus and Arc Renewables, both certified Allume installers.
  2. Compare payment options: pay up-front (via sinking fund or special levy), take out a strata loan or enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a provider such as Locality Energy. PPAs are similar to “rent to buy”.


  1. Draft an Ordinary Resolution seeking 50% approval at your next AGM or call an EGM (a Special Resolution with 75% approval is no longer required for sustainable infrastructure such as solar).
  2. If some owners opt out and the installation is paid for by individuals not the owners corporation, those going ahead will require a bylaw granting them exclusive use of the common property roof. In this instance, the common property electricity would not be connected to solar.

Information Sessions

You can view a recording of our May 2021 Solar My Strata webinar here.

Solar and Electrification for Strata – Case Study

Here’s a detailed explanation of how a local strata complex focused on 3 areas

1) Hot Water Heating for the Individual Lots,

2) Electric Vehicle Charging Preparations and

3) Communal whole of site Solar Power

Read more

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If you’d like to be a Solar My Strata case study or have feedback, please get in touch.

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