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Cut your power bill and your emissions while showing the community your green credentials.

Solar is a great business investment

Businesses are powerhouses to generate solar electricity, reduce emissions and save money. A third of our community’s emissions are generated by local business and 71% of this comes from electricity. Businesses are perfect candidates for solar because they mostly use power during the day, when it’s generated by the sun for free. Investing in solar reduces emissions and tax deductibility means paybacks are often under four years, plus long term savings, means solar is the cheapest form of energy for your business.

Get involved: We are working with Clean Energy for Eternity and Clear Sky Solar Investments to help reach the Northern Beaches Council target of 50% of suitable premises in the LGA installing solar panels by 2030!
We also give Solar My Business info sessions and we hold Solar info days to help businesses get solar.
We welcome volunteers and collaborating with Councils, businesses and groups. Please contact our Solar My Business program leader Chris if you’d like to help local businesses get solar, organise a Solar My Business info session or event or be a presenter.

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Paying for business solar

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If you’d like to be a Solar My Business case study or have feedback, please get in touch.

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