June 14, 2020

All about us

Welcome to Zero Emissions Solutions Inc news. Behind the headlines, behind the government policies and reports, behind the technical nuts-and-bolts, there are real stories to tell which connect us all. It seems only right to begin at the beginning, and tell the story of how Zero Emissions Solutions was founded and launched. What was our […]

August 18, 2023

Electrify Mackellar

There was an ‘electric atmosphere’ in the Avalon Rec Centre on Sunday 30th July when ZESN joined with some 12 other exhibitors and an estimated 300 participants at the Life Electric Expo. The ZESN team of Kate, Alan and Chris supported local ‘Go Solar Mackellar’ group with Solar Made Simple flyers and jointly discussed rooftop […]

May 29, 2023

Redlands Senior School hosted the Term 2 Zero Emissions Schools Meeting

The Environmental Captains at the school showcased their many initiatives including, “Measuring their Carbon Footprint”, where they undertook a GHG Assessment with the assistance of Pangolin Associates. Catagorising their Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions will hopefully allow them to identify clear emission reduction targets and develop strategy through 2025 and 2030. After their presentation, the […]

March 28, 2023

Solar and Electrification for Strata – Case Study

Communal Solar Power for Strata — Roadmap to $1 million in Savings & Added Value Earlier this year I read a statement that left me a bit baffled ‘10% of Australian homes are part of a strata plan but only 0.6% of these have roof top solar’. A figure in stark contrast with 30% of […]

March 8, 2023

ZESN Schools Network Meeting

Middle Harbour Public School hosted the first Zero Emissions Schools Network meeting of 2023. It was great to hear about all the great things they are doing and see first hand their recycling station that won them third prize at the Taronga Zoo event last November. They also shared their 2023 plans and heard about […]

September 27, 2022

Term 3 2022 – Zero Emissions School Network Meeting

Queenwood Junior School hosted the Zero Emissions School Network Meeting for Term 3 20220. Thank you to Mrs Sandwell and the Year 6 hosts. The Network enjoyed a waste free afternoon tea, tour and presentation of initiatives. We also enjoyed a presentation from Geert Hendrix about Farmwall. Farmwall provides educational tools and student engagement programs […]

September 18, 2022

Sunny September Scavenge at Balmoral

Zero Emissions Solutions teamed up with Take 3 for the Sea, Mosman Council and environment conservation community groups for the Balmoral Seaside Scavenge in September.  Take 3 is known all over Australia for its educational programs that teach people about the problem of plastic pollution and inspire them to take action to protect the ocean.   The event showcased […]

August 28, 2022

Zero Emissions Schools Network – Mosman Community Grant Winner 22/23

Zero Emissions Schools Network had the honour of being the recipient of a Mosman Community Grant for 22/23 for the second year in a row!  This funding means the Zero Emissions Schools Network will be able to continue providing all the schools in the Mosman LGA with quarterly meetings, newsletters and one on one consulting.  […]

July 30, 2022

What Is a Virtual Power Plant – VPP?

Engineer and ZESN solar leader Chris explains how virtual power plants work to harness renewable energy and reduce emissions. We are working with Clean Energy for Eternity and Clear Sky Solar Investments to help reach the Northern Beaches Council ambitious target of 50% of suitable premises in the LGA installing solar panels by 2030. What […]

July 26, 2022

Australian Clean Energy Summit 2022

Australian clean energy challenges, innovations and solutions Day 1 highlights The first day focused on significant issues affecting the energy industry including Australia’s potential as a clean energy superpower, the politics of clean energy, and financing renewable energy development. How do we position Australia as a global clean energy superpower? In his Plenary address, Kane Thornton, […]

July 24, 2022

Owning an electric motorbike

What is it like to own an electric motorcycle? We’re talking with Nigel Morris, electric motorcycle aficionado of the first hour. With a background in manufacturing, Nigel knew how to make things, but the world of electronics and batteries was all new to him. In the early 1990s, every single system had energy storage before […]