Redlands Senior School hosted the Term 2 Zero Emissions Schools Meeting

The Environmental Captains at the school showcased their many initiatives including, “Measuring their Carbon Footprint”, where they undertook a GHG Assessment with the assistance of Pangolin Associates. Catagorising their Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions will hopefully allow them to identify clear emission reduction targets and develop strategy through 2025 and 2030. After their presentation, the group was given a tour of the beautiful rooftop gardens that they developed with the help of David Harrington.

Our guest speakers this term were the “Qute” Team from Queenwood School for Girls. We learned about their 1975 Suzuki Carry they are refurbing and transforming into an electric vehicle which will be powered by solar panels. The “Qute” will be used to transport things between the junior school and 3 senior campuses. Follow their journey here:

It was great to see participation from all the area schools including: Queenwood School for Girls, Redlands, Mosman Prep, Beauty Point PS, Blessed Sacrament, Sacred Heart, Mosman PS, Mosman High and Middle Harbour PS!

If you want to start a Zero Emission Schools Network in your own community get in touch:

Redlands Senior School

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