Electric vehicles

High performance. Low maintenance.
Quiet. Exhaust free. Money saving.

Your next car should be electric – we’ll help!

Switching to electric transport could eliminate 6% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Plus we’d all enjoy cleaner, quieter communities!*
Get involved: We hold regular Electric Vehicle displays and Electric Vehicle info sessions. We welcome volunteers and collaborating with Councils, entities and groups. Please contact our Zero Emissions Transport program leader Ursula if you’d like to organise or join an electric cars and bikes info session or event.

* Electric Vehicle Council of Australia, 2020

Save fuel

The average Australian drives 15,000 km and spends $2,160 on petrol per year. Charging an EV for this distance costs around $600, saving $1,500 a year. You have the security of charging at any power point.


Less maintenance

An electric vehicle has fewer moving parts than a regular car, so there’s less to go wrong, less time in the workshop, and cheaper maintenance.

Breathe easy

Exhaust pollution causes over 1,700 deaths and health costs of approx. $3.3 billion in Australia each year. Switching to an electric vehicle helps all of us.*

* Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics (2005), Health Impacts of transport emissions in Australia

“I love my Nissan Leaf! Australian cars have high-polluting fuels, increasing heart attacks, strokes and lung cancer. In my EV, so far I’ve done 15,000 km of pollution-free driving! I have rooftop solar and a battery and I charge at home. I spent $190 for house and car electricity in the last quarter, previously I’ve spent $450 per quarter on petrol alone.”

Dr Kim Loo, from Doctors for the Environment

Petrol v. Electric

Electric cars cost much less to run and maintain than petrol or diesel cars. The Electric Vehicle Council has a handy calculator to compare, and the Green Vehicle Guide can tell you how your car rates in terms of emissions. As for performance, there’s no contest.

Which car?

The Electric Vehicle Council lists all the electric vehicles you can buy in Australia. There are more than you might think. The Australian Electric Vehicle Association publishes fact sheets comparing range and availability.

A more affordable EV?

We’re excited to introduce the Good Car Company who are importing affordable recent model Nissan Leafs and Nissan eNV200 electric vans from Japan using a community bulk buy model. 

“Best car I’ve ever driven. The running costs are virtually zero. It’s great value for money and it’s good fun to drive.”

Matt Kean, NSW Energy and Environment Minister, Renew Economy Podcast

What about carbon emissions?

Electric cars make up for their higher manufacturing emissions within eighteen months of driving*. They have no exhaust fumes, just clean, quiet, emissions-free driving.

*Union of Concerned Scientists

How do I charge my electric car?

80% of people recharge at home using a standard plug or a fast charger. If you need to fill up while you’re on the road there’s an app for that. PlugShare will find your nearest charging station and even help you plan your trip.


What next?

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