Solar My Carport

As Electric Vehicles become the norm, solar panels on carports are a good-looking, economical solution to shade and charge your EV.

Clenergy’s ezShade system is designed for high winds and fast installation. The silver or black anodised aluminium frame will last in our salty climate.

A single carport supports 15 panels (around 5kW) and a double carport supports 25 panels (around 8kW). We are hoping to see these at our local parking stations!

Where can I get it from?

Skyline Solar on Windsor Rd, Vineyard are Clenergy’s ezShade Sydney distributor. They have an ezShade installed on site where you can check it out.

Solar Pergola

How about installing ezShade around the pool or as a cabana for some high impact shade and power? We think it looks beautiful with bifacial solar panels.

Bifacial panels produce energy from both sides of the panel with up to 30% more output than regular panels.

Pergolas and carports are ideal for bifacial panels as there is plenty of reflected sunlight reaching the underside of the array.

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