July 1, 2022

Big savings for pool owners

Did you know that most pool pumps run at more than twice the speed they need to for 99% of the time?

Chris Lee does. Chris, a key member of our Solar My House and Solar My Business programs, has made a short video about how to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your pool pump with a pool pump controller. It’s an easy fix which has an immediate impact on carbon emissions (and your electricity bill). If you’ve got a pool, it’s a no-brainer!

Check out Chris’s video here, and find further information below. 

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Most pool pumps in swimming pools in Australia run much faster than necessary 99% of the time, wasting energy, reducing filter effectiveness, and causing excessive noise and wear of the pump and the motor.

You can achieve a big reduction in power if you reduce the flow – around 75% less power for some 40% lower flow – and at this lower flow the filter will actually be more effective.

Why do installers fit single speed pool pumps?

Alternating current pumps run in synch with the supply frequency, so to change the speed, you have to change the frequency. It is possible to buy a pump with an in-built frequency controller, however they cost about twice as much as simple pumps. Many pool installers go for the cheaper option, and install a pump sized for the high flow needed for filter backwashing. The problem is that the power needed to push water around your pool pipework and filter increases exponentially with flow rate.

How can I fix this?

You can install a separate pool pump controller to upgrade your single-speed pump to variable speed. Your pool pump will start at full speed, then will reduce speed, which means a dramatic reduction in power consumption, noise and wear on the pump.  This slower speed will also improve filter performance.

Even factoring in some increase in pump running time, your average savings are about $500 per year, for an investment of approx $1,000 for the separate pool pump controller, so a payback of just 2 years.

You can install the pool pump controller yourself. You need a couple of screws to fix the unit to the wall, then you just plug it in.

Where can I get one of these things?

A local supplier of pool pump controllers is SCE Energy Solutions, who have 2 sizes of controllers manufactured by UK company Invertech. Contact Jon de Martin on 1300 21 33 66, or see details of their controllers at https://www.sce-energysolutions.com.au/residential-products/eco-controllers-for-existing-ac-pool-pumps/

Chris Lee – Zero Emissions Solutions

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