Electric bikes

Fun. Practical. No sweat.
Discover why an electric bike sets you free.

Transport is Australia’s second largest source of greenhouse gas, and cars are responsible for half of it, but most Sydney car trips are under 10 kilometres.*

Just imagine how much we could reduce pollution and traffic congestion, if we switched to an electric bike for some of those trips. And that’s not the only reason to switch to two wheels.

*Transport NSW Household Travel Survey

Cut your commute time

Whiz past traffic on Spit Bridge or Military Road in designated bike lanes.

Feel good

It’s exhilarating, it’s fun, it burns fat not fossil fuels, and you’re out and about in our beautiful city.

No lycra required

Cruise uphill, ride in your normal clothes and arrive looking good.

“I call it the no-sweat bike. I commute to work in the CBD and North Sydney, including in a suit and tie.”

Lindsay, Northern Beaches commuter.

Buy an e-bike guide

What to look for in an electric bike!

Try before you buy

Hire an e-bike for a day or take a tour with an experienced E-bike guide. These are local companies who know the best routes.


Find an e-bike seller

Please let them know that you’re from Zero Emissions Solutions!


Is an e-bike for you?

Meet three environmental champions who have made an e-bike part of their daily life.

“Zooming off on my e-bike is a little bit of fun at the beginning and end of the working day. It gives me time to de-stress and time away from the phone.”

Deb Prentice

“There’s an e-bike out there for you, and once you go electric you’ll never look back!”

Drew Boucher

“Tackling hills on an e-bike is a breeze and very kind on my calf muscles. Ever since that first e-bike ride, I’ve found it hard to imagine going back to a non-electric bike.”

Angelina Deo

What next?

Check out our FAQs, our factsheet on what to look for in an electric bike and where to find one.

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