Some things are hard to talk about. But that’s no reason to stay silent. That’s where Climate for Change comes in.

Climate for Change is the only organisation in Australia specifically focused on helping people to have better discussions with their peers on climate change. Social research now recognises this  as key to building public support for the action we need.

C4C has identified Northern Sydney as an area which could have significant impact on public sentiment, so it is focussing efforts here early this year to test potential for growth.

C4C is inviting residents of Northern Sydney to host a Conversation or train as a facilitator. They held an information session last Saturday, 30 January. To catch their next one, subscribe to their newsletter.

This is a real opportunity to help build the climate movement in the North Sydney electorate. We can increase constituent pressure on our elected representatives, and help build the political will to act at scale and speed.

From a C4C participant:

I felt like I was taking a huge career risk, but it’s had a hugely positive effect on my career. Very senior people now know who I am and see me as a major thought leader within our organisation.

The C4C results are impressive: for every 10 people who attend a Climate Conversation, 7 change at least one behaviour. 8 talk more frequently about climate change with people around them and 3 divest. 2 change power companies, 4 make changes to their lives, such as eating less meat, and 5 contact politicians more frequently. Plus 5 increase their volunteering and donations to climate organisations.

Subscribe to their newsletter or explore their website to find out more. And look out for more news from us on how we are partnering with great organisations like C4C.