August 14, 2020

Solar panels: the gift that keeps on giving

Catherine Willis and her husband John attended one of our first Solar My House parties (pre-Covid), and were immediately inspired to make changes. They were keen to install solar panels but, with a roof due for an overhaul, it wasn’t the right time for them. So they decided to put solar panels on their childrens’ roofs instead.

Putting solar panels on their childrens’ houses has had a range of positive effects: by reducing their electricity bills for the life of the system — hopefully at least 25 years — it’s a way of supporting them, financially, on an ongoing basis. It’s also been a conversation starter, both for the family and for their friends, who now see the panels and hear about how they work. And personally, it has made Catherine and John feel like they are making a difference.

After the Solar My House party Catherine also immediately contacted Diamond Energy (via the Zero Emissions Solutions website) to enquire about how it worked. The changeover was, she says, seamless.

It’s not hard and it’s also not expensive. I thought it would be more expensive with renewables, but it turns out it’s not.

Now she’s a big fan, and wholeheartedly supports switching to renewable energy. She recommends Diamond Energy, both for their customer service and for their environmental credentials.

I don’t really worry about myself. I just worry about the grandkids, and what world we’re leaving. We do what we can. …When we switched to renewables with Diamond straight away we felt much better.

Thank you, Catherine! What a great gift to your children. You can find out how solar panels make great sense by attending one of our free Solar my House webinars. Come with us on the journey to zero emissions!

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