August 16, 2020

Climate action hero

Tania Tan is a climate action leader. She wears many hats: marketing guru, technical whizz and small business owner. Her ambition is to leave this world in a better shape for her kids. Volunteering with Zero Emissions Solutions is just one of the ways she is pursuing that ambition.

“We got solar panels about 12 or 13 years ago. Then when we reclad our house we put in extra insulation. Now we have switched one of our cars to an electric car and installed water bladders under our deck.  No matter how small your piece of land, there are creative ways of living more sustainably. And always thinking about buying local and living the three Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle.

no matter how small your piece of land, there are creative ways of living more sustainable.

“I’ve worked as a graphic designer for most of my life and I have a computer science degree, so I worked in IT for a while. At Zero Emissions I help with social media on the advertising side and also I look at strategy going forward.

“I want to be leaving this world in as good as or better shape for our kids than how it is for us. There is no planet b. Even if there’s the tiniest possibility that carbon emissions are causing our planet to heat, we have to act on that.”

You can meet Tania and see her electric car – a Tesla – at Mosman markets, on the first Saturday of the month. Her climate action work is essential to our social media pages (including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). If you like what you see, please like / repost / retweet / comment / engage. It all helps towards reaching more people.

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