Love your work. Do something meaningful. Boost your wellbeing.

It’s no secret that having a sense of purpose is one of the best ways to enhance your overall wellbeing* and, if you have the time and the energy, volunteering can contribute greatly. But what to do, and where to start?

Inspired by NBC’s environmental awards last month, we’re listing some local volunteer jobs which you might LOVE. (Spoiler alert – some of them would really help us!)

  1. Beach clean ups. Look at all that rubbish. So rubbish. So satisfying.
  2. Strata Data. Put your research skills to work and help us put together a series of case studies on strata buildings in the area which have installed solar panels onsite. Full support provided, contact us here. A bit of detective work may be needed!
  3. Save our local wildlife. Train up to become a WIRES volunteer rescuer and learn about the care of native animals such as koalas, possums, snakes and bats.
  4. Photography and videography – if you are a student film-maker or building a show reel, we need your help making short documentary videos and taking fabulous images.
  5. Get into the garden. Mosman Community Gardeners are growing yummy things. This is volunteering with edible outcomes!
  6. Social Media Maven. Do you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Think you could contribute? We’d love to hear from you.

You can find many more volunteering opportunities at Volunteering NSW. Alternatively, call us!